A High School RC Team crashed their 40 size Telemaster and made a mess out of the mounting box for the electric motor that attaches to the firewall.
They wrote in and asked about how they might go about reconstructing one to get flying again. This is what we have to offer modelers and builders of all Telemasters that are flying!

Telemaster motor mount adaptor construction for best performance in flight.

Best results come from creating a motor mounting box that provides a motor mounting plane that is angled:

  • 2 degrees DOWN from the centerline
  • 3 degrees to the RIGHT of center as seen from the top down axis, facing forward from pilot view.

The finished result needs to include clearance for the prop to swing clear of the front of the fuselage. This seems obvious but we have seen unexpected addition of spacers for short motor mounts. The final position of the prop center of rotation is on the vertical plane of the centerline of the finished aircraft. This means the motor will be mounted slightly off center (left) on the angled mounting panel. Horizontally centered is fine.

If you build a perfectly square motor mounting platform, you will need to add spacers that create the angled result you need described above.

The final result is the only critical thing. How the plane looks at the field is a matter of modeler preference.

Hope this helps.
Build well, fly well!