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Thread: 12 foot Telemaster CG

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    12 foot Telemaster CG

    I recently acquired a 12 foot Telemaster. Can anyone tell me where the CG would be located? Also where do I set the throws for rudder, elev , ailerons and flaps.
    This is a used plane so I dont know where to start. I am going to install a gas engine.

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    Hello Ron,

    The Telemasters have a large span for CG location. With the high lift tail you can have a little play with Cg location.
    The 12" Telemaster CG is listed in the Manual, and here is a small video test we did to help find the best location.

    Here is a link to the manual (You can find the PDF manuals under the SUPPORT tab under the description for the product.

    Manual <--click there to see the Manual

    Thank you


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