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Thread: 12' Telemaster wing kit?

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    12' Telemaster wing kit?

    I would like to eventually build a 12' Telemaster, but the $900 for the kit is a pretty big hit to the checking account.
    Would you ever consider just offering a laser cut wing (and maybe horizontal stab) ribs kit? Then leave it to the builder to acquire and cut all the long strip stock himself, like spars and webbing, and any sheeting. From what I have seen on the plans, not having laser cut parts would not be a major obstacle.
    I think you offer just wing kits for some other sizes of Telemasters, so how about the 12 footer too.


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    Doesn't anyone from Hobby Express read these forums to give some sort of answer? 179 people read the original post, which tells me that there may be some interest out there in the modeling public for this option.
    just over a week later on 5/24, there are over 1,300 views by someone so it must be unique views, no repeats because there was no other posts since 5/16. So this must indicate that there is a good bit of interest in this idea, and Hobby Express is missing a huge opportunity for new sales, is what this tells me. A wing kit would be a lot easier for most to swallow compared to a $900 (+ shipping) for the full kit.
    I just can't believe that no one on their staff has bothered to give any kind of response to my question - whether its to say they would consider it, do it, or never. I've e-mailed, posted here obviously, and posted on their facebook site - nothing. Well, maybe this tells me that if I want an "affordable" 12' Telemaster, i will just have to scratchbuild it. I no longer expect any response here, and can only conclude now that they no longer care about what their customer base thinks or wants. This sure isn't the Hobby Lobby of a few years ago, and not for the better, it seems sad to say.
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    Have you tried phoning their tech support? They are in the process of moving their facility from one location to another, plus are holding a garage sale this weekend, so they may be rather tied up at the moment! (I live just a few miles from their current Brentwood TN location)

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