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Thread: Want to start flying again

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    Want to start flying again

    I'll soon be 67. Both planes I've flown were telemasters .25 and the last one had a .40 engine. Futaba radio 4 channel.
    taught my younger son (35) to fly also.

    We've both been out of the scene for some 15 to 20 years, but we've decided to get back in. One of the few hobbies that we really enjoyed being with each other. Yes, we did a lot of repair work together, but that's part of the sport.

    The question I would like to pose, is should we continue with the glow plug engines even though I see a lot of what appears to a new era of electrics now on board. I would not know how to outfit the electric with necessary accessories/radio, chargers.

    I have a little over 500 hrs of stick time on both telemasters, the bulk being on the last plan. Since it has been in storage I have feeling we may need to purchase a new kit, start over with new everything, including radio.

    While reading tonight and looking over post dates, these are several years old. Maybe those guy/gals have ventured on to more aerobatic machines and help for us may be nothing or minimal.

    We both live in Northeast Arkansas, 30 minutes apart. We fee like we may need to get another Telemaster but are not dead set on buying the glow plugs engine since we see so many pilots have switched over to the electric.

    Short and to the point, we would appreciate any input you would be willing to recommend such as plane type, motor, and prop and last but not least a radio. Our old was a 4 chnl futaba which we still have in the shed.

    We both learned on a nose wheel high wing, then went to the high wing tail dragger because it gave us a little more challenge at take off and landing.

    I understand the basics of flight, trimming prior to and in flight trimming, balancing, etc. Spent hundreds of hours flying Microsoft flight simulator 4 so as not to forget the controls when you are on the ground the the plane is flying the input that is needed to get the plane to fly like you want it and back on the ground while both coming directly at you or going away. Still, not uncommon to walk 50 to 100 yards to receive it.

    We realize this is asking a lot and some may have many different plants / radios/ glow/ electric/ they prefer. This will be up to us to decipher and decide upon.

    We just need some of you to make recommendations/suggestions if you've ever been where we are today.

    I thank you for taking the time to read. Hope my story has made sense. Hope we can be guided in the write direction(s) so we can return to flying.

    I have a goal set for 2015 where I want us to be flying some aerobatic or 1/4 scale. I have HIGH hopes of getting my three other grandsons and son involved in this type hobby - one we could all enjoy as a family and could end up flying multiplanes and designs. That would be great.

    I thank you in advance.

    I will monitor this post daily as of today and acknowedge your comments/suggestions/recommendations.

    Best Regards,

    Jimmy Phillips
    Marked tree, Ar
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