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Thread: Senior Tele - warped parts

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    Senior Tele - warped parts

    I just glued the FSO and FSI parts together on the senior Telemaster. I used books to keep them flat while they dried. Unfortunately, they have a warp. Thoughts on how to straighten them?

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    Been so long since I built mine I can't remember which parts you are referencing. Can you shoot a couple of pics?

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    Thanks for taking a look. I'm showing both the left and right sides. For each side there is an inner pair of parts which get glued to the outer pair of parts. Once we glued the inner to the outer parts we put books on them to keep them flat. Doesn't seem to have worked.
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    If you can flatten the parts without a lot of pressure I would continue with the build. The bulk heads an other parts should hold those in alignment. Just be sure to keep the structure flat and straight as you glue it up.
    I have straightened many sub assemblies as a build progresses on a number of models over the years.

    You could also spray them down with some windex(with ammonia) and press them flat and let them dry over night.

    The other option would be to ask for replacements from Hobby Express.

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    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, the Windex did not work. I'm going to call tomorrow.

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