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Thread: Covering Material used on Pilot-1 airplanes

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    Covering Material used on Pilot-1 airplanes

    Hi, Can you tell me what covering material is used on Pilot-1 airplanes? It has a woven appearance on the adhesive side and is shinny on the outside. The little bit I have used this stuff (Pilot-1 provides small bits of covering to make repairs with) I like how it goes on and I've had very little wrinkling with this covering.

    Is the material available to people who build airplanes? I do not think this stuff is Oracover (Ultracote) or Monokote.
    Who manufactures this covering?

    Tank you! Mark, Mode 1

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    All most all of the Pilot-1 planes have Oracover.
    Let us know what plane you have and we'll be happy to let you know what type your plane has.

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