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Thread: 35 yr old Telemaster-40

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    35 yr old Telemaster-40

    After being out of the hobby for 35 yrs, I blew off the dust on my Telemaster-40, powered with an old OS Surpass-48 4-stroke and it flew beautifully. Of course, new 2.4 radio gear was purchased etc.. My only suggestion is to reinforce the stabilizer. My wife accidentally hit it while in the garage and it came off...that was about 25 yrs ago. I repaired it, bumped it myself, and it came off again. I eventually put pieces of balsa in the fuselage where the stabilizer sits for more support and also added triangular pieces underneath the stabilizer and onto the fuselage for added strength. Now, I'm back to work on an old Trainermaster kit that I found on-line. My friends, this is where the hobby is.....not just glueing together pre-made, covered pieces.

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    Thank you for sharing!!! The Telemaster is an excellent Plane and sounds like it stores well...
    Any pictures??

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