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Thread: Pilot 1

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    Pilot 1

    Is Pilot one gone? I was too late to get the 1/6 PA-12.

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    Pilot One is not gone. The line is being revamped, hopefully we will have new product first of the year.

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    Ia it closer?

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    Senior Member Jay Burkart's Avatar
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    Pilot kit

    What year?
    SAM Grand Champion 2004.07,10,12

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    Pilot 1 Comes In Each Year

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Burkart View Post
    What year?
    Well it came in last year and we are waiting on our next container!
    Can't wait... Also have new models coming as well. :)

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    PA-12 1/4 Scale

    I really think I need one, any chance?

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