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Thread: New 12' telemaster kit questions

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    New 12' telemaster kit questions

    I had two questions which I asked on another thread, but did not get answered.

    1. Landing gear axles have 7/16" bolts, but holes in landing gear are 9/16". Any suggestions on fixing this?

    2. When frame up completed was left with three parts. All three are labeled WBG. Two are on 1/8" ply, one is on 1/64" ply (sheet 18). They are all about 1" by 1 1/4" with a notch on one side. Inventory list only lists the one on 1/64" ply but does not give a usage. Cannot find on plans.

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    1. The hole in the landing gear was cut to accommodate the axel from another manufacturer. The hardware pack should have four 3/8” washers that will allow mounting the supplied axles to this gear.
    2. WBG is an artifact left over from a design change and should have been removed from the cut sheets. Please disregard it.

    Notes from the manufacture.
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