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Thread: Mini Tele Rib replacements

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    Mini Tele Rib replacements

    Does Hobby Lobby sell replacement ribs for the Mini? I am doing the sanding on the wing and while trying to hold it steady, I managed to break several of the ribs.. The G2 ones....This model is my first kit build and at times, I've been a bit ham fisted with it. Still trying to learn to be delicate on it. The rest of the fuse is built and partially covered. The control surfaces are covered and I have the hinges installed. I went with nylon hinges instead of the tape hinges which may also have been a mistake since I think I got some epoxy in a couple of the hinges.. They move, but they're awful stiff. I may cut them out and just use the tape hinge after all....Once I get the ribs replaced, and the wing covered, I'll be set to go. Has been a long process as a couple of times I've had to just set it aside and wait a week or two until I was ready to get back to it. Plane looks great.. Except for a few gaps in the wing! Thanks!

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    Is there enough of the ribs left that you could build them back up and sand them to shape? We might be able to special order some ribs. Contact Neal at 615-732-7216.

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    Sorry to hear about your thumb btw....And thanks for the reply. I am going to try and make some new ribs from scratch. I have a few pieces from the broken ones that I can trace to make some new ones. I was (still a little bit) irritated at myself for getting so close to being done and then having to make repairs before I even get her in the air.

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    Don't worry about it. It's all a part of the process. With the outline from one, it shouldn't be too hard to make a new one and you'll be ready to cover in no time. Enjoy.

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