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Thread: Funster

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    Please tell me the funster is coming back. What a great flyer and a great tool for training.

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    It's not ruled out entirely, but not on the project list for the near future. It is a fun plane to fly!

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    Funster V2

    Is it true? I see a preorder for the Funster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hobby Express is happy to announce that the Funster is going to be placed on our next Green Model order!!
    We hope to start shipping them later this fall.

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    PFD manual for the Funster, this includes the Throws and CG placement.

    thank you


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    Funster V2

    Could someone help with the UltaCote numbers for the Red and Yellow?
    Thank You

    I found the numbers, HANU872 Bright Yellow, HANU883 Flame Red
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