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Thread: Kadet Senior Elect motor

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    Question Kadet Senior Elect motor

    There is no information on how to install an elect motor on this model aircraft only lots of info on gas engines. I want to put a .60 elect motor in it. Any ideas?

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    Most electric planes have the forward firewall built to mount the motor directly to it. For gas conversions like the Kadet, you'll need to extend the motor forward so the prop is in front of the fuselage. There are a couple of ways to do that. Some people will use plywood and build a box. Another way to do it is to use spacers, blind nuts, and some bolts to mount the motor. Here are some photos that might help.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails e-550.jpg   thumb-27.jpg   thumb-AXI motor mount-1.jpg  

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    Lightbulb angle of the motor

    If I make a mount for the elect motor do I have to angle the motor ? I read somewhere about the thrust.

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    Yep, each airplane is different, but you'll want at least a few degrees of right and down thrust for airplane to fly straight. The torque of the motor wants to make the airplane climb and yaw left, so the down and right thrust angle help to compensate for that force.

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