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Thread: ERCBL46 shaft?

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    ERCBL46 shaft?

    Building a Telemaster 40 deluxe.
    Have just unpacked the motor supplied by Hobby lobby, and noticed that the shaft needs to be reversed so that the shaft comes out the front. It is currently protruding from the mount end.

    Grub screw on one end, circlip along the shaft. if you reverse the shaft, there is no slot for circlip and by my way of thinking, there is nothing to stop the prop end of the housing from disapearing under heavy prop load. Or am I mistaken, and the magnets will hold it on.?

    Is there a replacement shaft, or is it indeed ok when reversed.?

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    You have the eRC 46 motor right? If so you don't need to reverse the shaft. That motor comes with a bolt on shaft that you will attach the back of the motor, which now becomes the front. The normal motor shaft stays put and sticks out the back and goes through a hole in the mount so it's out of the way.

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    question answered!

    Dumb old me should have looked further at the supplied bits.

    Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply.

    havent had a motor where the 'shaft' bolts on before, so was looking for a different solution.


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    No worries. Glad to have helped.

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