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Thread: Erc 280 Outrunner

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    Erc 280 Outrunner

    Watched HL video showing how to mount APC 8x3.8 SF prop using one O-ring. Ordered and received motor in a few days. Mounted motor on a piece of basswood, mounted recommended prop with one of 2 O-rings provided. O-ring would stretch as motor spun up, could see daylight betwee prop and prop saver just before prop climbed off prop saver and went flying away. Found prop and O-ring, repeated mount and prop came off again. Callled HL Support but never got a call back as promised. Read up on prop savers and found out that others are using silicone rubber tubing to cut better bands to use in lieu of O-rings. Noticed that APC prop hole was way off center which caused wobbling and vibration. Finally tried a GWS 8x4 prop with two O-rings, prop stayed on and ran smoothly and tru at full rpm. I was surprised and the pull of this tiny motor on small 2 cell lipo packs.

    I was disappointed that the prop saver is an integral part of the motor and cannot be removed and replaced with a standard collet adapter. This motor will not be practical for use in cowled scale models because the prop saver is too short and wide to protrude through a typical engine cowl. It should work fine on my Dare Marionette Slow Flyer at 1/2 throttle with a small prop. I would buy a similar motor with a collet adapter for small scale RC models.

    New product suggestion: Please make surgical rubber tubing, such as Theraband blue, available for use in making prop saver bands. One (1) foot lengths would make many bands. Theraband Blue latex tubing is 3/8" OD and 3/16 ID. Cut to width with X-Acto knife.

    All outrunners motors should have removable prop saver mount with long enough shaft so that conventional collet adapter can be easily installed.
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    Thank you for the post.

    this is a video that might help in questions on how to use the prop savor. Just FYI

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