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Thread: Mini Telemaster takes to the sky!

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    Mini Telemaster takes to the sky!

    Finished the latest in the Telemaster line. Have built all of them except the 12' size.

    Made a number of small mods for personal preference.

    Remade F11 out of 1/8" ply to handle the load of the Dubro micro tail wheel. Also used larger main wheels for more of a bush plane look.

    Followed the laser cut aileron wing instruction manual and cut out the ailerons. Reduced the dihedral to one inch.

    Added half an inch to the rudder for easier knife edge. Flies as gently or as acrobatically as you prefer.

    Had to put washers behind the top motor mounts to reduce climb upon application of full throttle.

    Running an equivalent motor as spec'ed by Hobby-lobby with a 9 X 6 APC slow flyer prop and it easily hovers and will climb slowly from a hover. Normal flight is at half throttle or less. Fifteen minutes of flying on a 3s 1300mah battery. Weight came in at 23oz ready to fly.

    Another winner from Hobby-lobby!!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_1812.jpg   IMG_1814.jpg   IMG_1817.jpg  

    IMG_1818.jpg   IMG_1822.jpg   IMG_1823.jpg  

    IMG_1825.jpg   IMG_1820.jpg  
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    Looks great Rod. Nice stripes.

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    Pictures of the rest of the fleet.

    A few pictures of the rest of the Telemasters!

    I'll get a few pics of the Micro Telemaster and add them to this post.

    The orange and white has 400 LED's built into the airframe.

    The Senior Telemaster is by far the most enjoyable to build and fly.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_1689.jpg   IMG_1690.jpg   IMG_1630.jpg  

    IMG_1380.jpg   IMG_1391.jpg   IMG_1392.jpg  

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    Very cool. Rod are you going to be at SEFF this year?

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    Jason, I'm not planning on SEFF this year. I might change my mind if the tax man is not to hard on my wallet!

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    No problem. If you decide to come, I can hand deliver a 12'er so you can complete your line!

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