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Thread: Getting back into RC, maybe

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    Getting back into RC, maybe

    I use to be into RC cars, boats, and planes about 25 years ago. I've noticed that a lot of the technology has advanced since then, and am wondering if it's to the point where I could make an RC vehicle small enough to traverse a gopher tunnel with a small video camera. I was wondering if someone could point me into the right direction to help me build something that can get into a 2" diameter tunnel, handle loose dirt and have a small video camera mounted to it. I figure I could always attach some spider wire to the rear of the vehicle to pull it out since turning around would be problematic. I have a home-built CNC router, so I could make my own chassis if I knew where to start on the electronics and mechanicals.
    Any ideas?

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    Wow, sounds like a fun project. I know range video has a good selection video cameras and downlink systems, but not sure about getting all the work inside of a 2" frame.

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