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Thread: Sr. Telemaster First Flight

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    Sr. Telemaster First Flight

    I finally finished putting together my yellow ARF Sr. Telemaster and took it out for a spin yesterday. Got it into the air and it took a lot of right aileron trim to get it to fly level. Still had plenty of travel to make right turns. When I got it back on the ground, the ailerons had about 1/4 to 3/8" throw in them. The wing was still on straight and the tail was intact. Do I have some issue I am not considering, or do I need to adjust this out at the motor? Thanks.


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    It could be torque effect. One way to check is to go up high and cut the motor off. If the plane then rolls to the right, then it was the torque effect causing the required right trim. Otherwise there could be a warp in one or both of the wings you could work on to adjust that. Really though, 1/4" is not that much especially for a Telemaster and most people would just leave it alone. If was a competition pattern airplane, then I would spend some time sorting it out.

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    Thanks Jason. I just want to fly, so leaving it the way it is was the best answer I could get!

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