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Thread: Cell Count

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    Cell Count

    If you have 2 batteries with the same C rating and same mah rating, is there any advantage of a 5s over a 2s, or vice-versa? Thanks.


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    Hi Charles,
    Yes those are very different batteries. The cell count determines the voltage. Each lipo cell when fully charged puts out 4.2V. A 2 cell battery is 8.4V and a 5 cell battery is 21V. Motors operate on voltage and they are rated with an RPM per volt number known as kv. The more voltage you put to a motor that faster it spins. So a 5 cell lipo would turn a motor much much faster than a 2 cell battery. The problem here is that all motors have rated specifications and may only be rated for 2 or 3 cells. So if you put a 5 cell battery on it, you could burn it up. There are a lot of other variables like prop size and load and others, but hopefully this gives you a better idea of what the cell count does.

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