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Thread: Mini Telemaster with diesel engine?

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    Mini Telemaster with diesel engine?

    I am building the Mini Telemaster kit and need your thoughts on a PAW .06 versus a PAW .09 diesel.
    I feel the .06 "might" be under powered so I thought maybe an .09 would work well. Purchased a new .09
    and WOW, that thing is an army tank. It probably weighs as much as a .25 glow engine and unfortunately
    there is nothing in the way of a diesel between an .06 and .09. Has anyone tried a PAW .06 or know if it
    has the power to fly the Mini Telemaster? I also have a Super Sniffer airplane with a PAW .060 which flies
    nicely. If the .06 will fly the Telemaster but with not much power, that would be fine. Just looking to putter
    around the sky. Not high performance.

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    No idea on the power of those, but if the .09 weighs as much as a .25 glow, then don't use it. That is way too heavy. It doesn't take much power to fly these, so the other engine should be just fine.

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