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Thread: 1/4 scale aeronca champ building instructions

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    1/4 scale aeronca champ building instructions

    i have an pilot 1/4 scale aeronca champ that is new in the box but the instruction booklet got lost so i am in need of some info and it could be sent as a pdf or even scaned pages of the booklet would be all i would need! thanks for looking!
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    The instructions can be downloaded on the Support Tab of the Champ page here Pilot-1 Champ 1/4 Scale ARF RC Plane (OVERSIZE) from Hobby Lobby

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    1/4 scale champ

    i tried the support page and clicked on the manual. but all i got was access denied !

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    Weird, It worked when I posted it, but now I check and get the same message. I'll see if I can get it fixed. Hang tight.

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    OK, all fixed now. Sorry about that.

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