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Thread: Senior Telemaster V2 Center of Gravity

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    Senior Telemaster V2 Center of Gravity

    I am ready to start test flying the Senior Telemaster V2. I have the CG located at the plans CG point of 4 3/4" back from the leading edge of the wing. How much can the CG vary from this point. Like 1/2" ahead or behind the CG or 1" ahead or behind the CG etc.?

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    All Telemasters enjoy a wide CG range. Start with it where the plans say and then you can fine tune to your liking. Moving it forward will make the plane more stable, but may have different trims at various speeds.

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    The 4-3/4" back from the LE point is a fairly forward CG point for the Sr Tele. The CG range is huge and can move back from that point by more than an inch.

    The only Telemaster's that I have flown that flew poorly were ones where the CG was too far forward. It makes the plane sluggish with poor elevator response. The plane ends up with an overall heavy feel to it. In comparison when the CG is back a bit the plane becomes very floaty and more responsive, but unlike many planes it still retains its gentle character without any tendency to tip stall or bite you.

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