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Thread: senior telemaster kit vs arf?

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    senior telemaster kit vs arf?

    i am trying to figure out all the differences between the senior telemaster kit and arf.

    1.the wing spans are different,why?

    2.the landing gear is different,why?

    3.the arf uses a strut and the kit does not,why?

    4.the arf has a slide on tail and the kit is shown with a bolt on tail, why?

    5. can the kit with all of it's cut parts be built with a slide on tail?

    6.does the arf have the same wing locking setup as the kit?

    7.what is the width of the arf fuse, and what is the width of the kit fuse?

    8.can the kit fuse be built with a skinner fuse, or won't the pecut parts allow for a skinner fuse?

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    They are completely different designs so don't get too hung up on the specs. They both fly like Telemaster however. The ARF is built in China and the kit was newly re-designed and manufactured right here in Nashville, TN. You really can't compare the two. The ARF is great if you want to get it built quickly. The Kit is a better plane in my opinion and breaks down faster and easier to transport it.

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    More kit info

    One of the best building experiences in 30 years of RC. The resulting aircraft is also one of the best flying experiences.

    More build info below:

    Senior Telemaster laser cut kit V2 - RC Groups

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    I am a VERY novice builder (no previous kit planes) and have been building the SR tele. It is a blast. Just go slow. Read Rod's updates and watch the online building videos. The only mistakes I've made is because I didn't look at the updates or videos. The wings are almost finished and am working on alerons / flaps. With patience it is a great experience.
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