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Thread: Older Sr. Telemaster Kit

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    Older Sr. Telemaster Kit

    I have a Sr. Telemaster kit from several years ago that I plan to get back to building. When i bought the kit, it came with a 2 cell and a 3 cell battery, and i will have to put together a serial adapter to run both of the batteries. I see that now there are some 5 cell batteries that might be used. Will I be ahead to get a 5 cell, or should I just stick with my two batteries and adapter? The batteries are 3,700 mAh, 25C.

    Also when I got this, the 2.4's were not the hot thing, so I have an FM radio that i have not yet installed. Is there any reason to get a 2.4 in instead of the FM? I will be flying in the country by myself.

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    To answer the last part of your question first, 72mHz radios were used for well over 30 years and work perfectly well particularly in a rural environment where possible interference is limited. So, you should be O.K. using the older system with your airplane.

    That being said, the newer 2.4 technology is in almost all respects superior to the old 72 equipment, particularly in terms of being subject to interference.

    About your batteries, you should be fine with a series connector and your two packs. Just make sure that you charge them the same and balance charge them every few charges.

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    As I said previously, the plane I have is an older Senior Telemaster model (already built) purchased in 2008. I purchased 2-56 clevises to replace the plastic hardware, but it turned out the 2-56's were too large for the pushrods that came with the plane. Can anyone tell me what the proper size clevis I need for these pushrods? Thanks.


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