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Thread: New Spacewalker

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    New Spacewalker

    Jason, I have been looking at the new Spacewalker and I have a question, from the pictures I have seen it looks like the landing gear fairings are bolted to the front of the wing, is that right? It looks like in order to take off the wing to transport you have to remove the 4 wing bolts and 2 bolts on the landing gear. If this is right it is something that I have never seen and unless it is a threaded bolt it would get loose over time. Other than that, it is a good looking plane and the price is right. Thanks for any info you can offer. Tim

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    Hey Tim,
    There are 4 bolts that hold the wing on that need to be removed. The rear mount point of the landing gear fairing is also attached to the wing. It just hold the fairing in place and is not structural. You have to remove those two screws and move the fairing out of the way to take the wing off. There are plastic hard points and it should hold up just fine over time. It is a small enough wing span though that you can probably transport it as one piece with no issues.

    Jason Cole

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