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Thread: Replacement / Upgrade parts for BumbleBee Quad?? What works? What's best?

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    Replacement / Upgrade parts for BumbleBee Quad?? What works? What's best?


    I have a BumbleBee quadcopter, which Hobby Lobby used to carry, but apparently it's discontinued now, and it's getting harder and harder to find replacement parts.. My initial rationale for buying the kit was to have something that was complete / known working as a first quad, and then build from there..

    What I'm curious about, is when I'm looking at generic blades, how can I tell (on a website) what will fit on a BumbleBee motor, and what wont? The pictures aren't great, but the shaft holes look to be too small... I thought I'd go to a local store and see what i can at least figure out in person holding a blade, but none of the stores I've been to have any counter-rotating props, so I can't use it for a quad..

    Am I going to be better off abandoning this platform and just building something with generic parts, or can I hopefully build off of what I have?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Hi Steve,
    You do have some options. Those motors have a unique hub that requires the props to have a matching flat area on two sides of the prop in order to fit. Most normal props won't fit without some reaming, but it has been done. The DJI motors are similar so you could probably use any of the props made for those motors which should be plenty available from anyone who sells DJI products in the US. The other thing you could do it switch out motors to a normal style that could use APC or Gemfan props. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

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