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Thread: motor/prop mounting details Tele 40 Deluxe

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    motor/prop mounting details Tele 40 Deluxe

    My motor erc 0.46 has arrived. Trying to figure out the motor/prop mounting details in Telemaster 40 Deluxe.. It looks like I will need to use the mounting flange. The mounting flange is attached to rotor using 4 screws. But how do I know that the axis of the flange is dead on the center of rotation? Not sure how precise such mounting will be (how precise does it have to be?). Are there any alternatives? For example, sliding the motor shaft the other way so that I can use the included collet prop adapter.It would be really nice to see some pictures of how it is normally done?
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    Here's a photo of ours mounted. It pretty much centers itself.
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    Thanks. A picture is very useful.

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