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Thread: Telemaster 40 Deluxe Build

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    Telemaster 40 Deluxe Build

    I now see that there is a Telemster section. Can this post be moved to that section? Is there any way I could do that?

    Just some words of introduction. This is my first post here, but I have been building models ( trains, boatsand airplanes ) for over 60 years. Started in control line and free flight. My first RC was one channel and used a rubber powered escapement. A far cry from our 2.4 Ghz fully digitalequipment today. I now am exclusively into electric power and gliders.

    Love to build and thought the Telemaster 40 Deluxe kit would be a fun project. Just received it a week ago and just starting the build process. I already have a Mini Telemaster and the Funster. Just love to fly the Funster. Very docile and predictable inflight. I did have one crash, but it was me and not the ship. Missed a landing and on my go around I was too low and got too far out, lost orientation and punched it in. All repaired and ready togo again

    I think the 40 is going to be a fun build. Super clean cuts for the parts and all very well marked. So far the instructions have been OK, but think a new modeler might have some questions. On the very first step of the instructions the pieces on the photo donít match the actual parts. Not a problem as all parts are clearly marked.

    Think the hardware package could have been better. Not sure how the included hardware will work and might need to supplement and replace some of it.

    Am building the trike version.

    It seems to be a very well designed kit. So far everything fits perfectly. The use of the registration pins makes it hard to put it together wrong.

    Will post more later as my build progresses.

    I'm looking forward to input and feedback from all of you.
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    Well, I made my first mistake. Probably wonít be my last

    Didnít install thehatch mounting plate FHMP before I joined the fuselage sides.

    It was clearly in the written instructions, but was not shown in the installation picture.

    My fault, but I might recommend thatthe picture be revised to show this piece in place.

    So far everything is going together just fine. Sure are a lot of pieces, but that is what I like Ė building.

    Donít like covering however.

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