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Thread: SR Tele - Leading Edge Sheeting Question

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    SR Tele - Leading Edge Sheeting Question

    I'm trying to get the amount of planing correct on the leading edge. I have not yet glued down the leading edge top sheeting. Please look at my picture and see if I should plane more prior to glueing. You can see the leading edge guide in place.

    Thanks - Scott
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    On all of my Telemasters, I glued the leading edge sheeting and then started planing and sanding to get the correct profile. Rod

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    Thanks - that is what I needed to know.


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    update - finally had a warm enough day to sand in the garage. Here is the update on the wings. Turning out nice. This set is a blast to build...
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    Nice! Keep it up. There is nothing else like building your own plane.

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