When we started looking at different multi rotor copters that were available, we knew we wanted one of our own. It had to be really nice. We wanted a high quality frame and electronics that were proven to work. We wanted a kit that was easy to put together and flys great. The result is the Spyder Extreme FPV and the Hextreme Hexacopters. They are designed by hobbyist and built for hobbyist right here in Nashville, TN. If you came here looking for a cheap sub-par starter quad, then look elsewhere. When we make something, we make it right.

The Hextreme comes in one box and is highly pre-packaged. We've included our highly regarded eRC BL480 motors and our eRC 25A "Rapid Drive" multi rotor speed controllers in the package. Best of all, we've pre-soldered the speed controller leads to the custom power distribution board as well as the power leads which have a male Deans ultra plug installed. The powder coated aluminum arms have the motor extension leads installed and bullet connectors attached. You will love how easy it is to put together. And don't worry about crashing. If you do have a mishap, we have a full listing of spare parts (coming soon).

The frame is made up of black G10 Fiberglass plates that are lightweight, yet very rigid. That includes the main frame, battery tray, camera mount, and landing gear. The arms are 10mm aluminum square tubes and have been powder coated for a beautiful finish. We used all metric high-quality hardware throughout the unit and one thing you'll really appreciate when you put it together is the fit and finish of the parts. It's outstanding and you will not have to drill or sand anything to make it fit.

We've added in some really nice features too. The flight controller mounting plate fits stick-down type boards like the DJI Naza, but also has appropriate holes drilled to fit standard mounting patterns for various control boards. There is a nice mounting plate for the LED module if you use the Naza controller. There is a camera mounting plate for CCD type cameras for FPV use. We've also included GPS module mounting plate and high quality acrylic dome to protect the electronics. The stock landing gear provide 2-3/4" of clearance and we have an optional (coming soon) longer landing gear set available for more clearance. There is plenty of room to mount a GoPro camera underneath the copter and with 6 eRC 480 motors, there is plenty of power to lift larger cameras like the Sony NEX or Panasonic HG cameras.

The assembly is straightforward and our assembly video seen on the support tab above will walk you through the steps. If you go with the Naza flight board then you will need to solder its LED module to the power distribution board. If you don't have the equipment to solder, simply call us and order the Hextreme and the Naza Flight board together and for a $10 labor charge, we'll solder the LED Module for you before mailing out your package. That makes it a completely solderless build. Alternitvely, if you would rather have a competely built and tested copter, we can do that. Just give us a call.

What's Included:
Fiberglass frame and all hardware
6 powder coated aluminum arms with pre-soldered wiring
4 fiberglass landing gear sets
6 eRC BL480 Motors
6 eRC 25A "Rapid Drive" ESC's (pre-soldered to power distribution board)
Power Distribution board
Protective dome

Suggested Items:
These items will be required to complete the Hextreme Hexacopter. There are two prop choices. The APC props will fit the standard prop adaptors included with the motors. The Gemfan props will require the MPJet prop adaptors shown below.
1 - DJI NAZA/w GPS Flight Controller
1 - 4S 3200mAH Lipo Battery
1 - Lipo Battery Charger
1 - Spektrum DX6i Radio System
3 - APC 8x3.8 Standard Props
3 - APC 8x3.8 Reverse Props
3 - Gemfan 8x4.5 Standard Carbon Props
3 - Gemfan 8x4.5 Reverse Carbon Props
6 - MPJet 3mm Prop Adaptors
1 - GoPro Hero 3 Camera