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Thread: Micro Telemaster Build Tip

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    Micro Telemaster Build Tip

    I contoured the rear wing plate to follow the profile of the wing and added a scrap of plywood to strengthen the assembly and also provide support and additional glue surface. This also holds the trailing edge of the wing more securely. Place a piece of wax paper between the assembled hold down plate and wing. You can apply glue and push the wing/plate assembly down into the fuselage. When the glue dries you will have a perfect fit between all of the parts.

    The reference to wrapping thread around the landing gear in the instructions should be deleted.

    Maidened on 1-29-13. Flew just fine with CG as recommended. Ready to fly weight is 9.05 oz. with a lttle nose weight but will switch out the steel control rods for carbon fiber and get rid of the weight. Should be around 8oz when finished.
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