Am about 60% thru this build, and must say i am very impressed with the quality of the laser cutting and the structural integrity of this kit. The fact that the parts fit and can be built without using the plan is respected.

finished the wing centre section today, and was amazed to find that the sheeting needed a simple swipe of a sanding block to finish it against the ribs. Talk about precision!

however, the instructions are not complete and sometimes ambiguous. A pause is needed before gluing any thing to ensure that the assembly sequence will work. A few ( very few though) parts are mislabelled in the instructions.

i have enjoyed this kit immensely, and will be ordering a senior TM before it is finished. I am that impressed.

one question. Part AC appears to be a solid mount for the wing bolts, on the top of the wing. Is that glued before covering? Can see where it goes on the supplied plans, but unsure when to place it.

Anyway, sincere appreciation from downunder (Australia) for the designers of this kit.