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Thread: returning modeler

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    returning modeler

    I am back to building after 22 years and need info on electric conversion of a model I bought in 1990 meant to use a 19 size glow engine. I would like some guidence as to what I would need to purchase to accomplish this. Thank you for any help anyone can give me.

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    Can you send us links to the plane or do you have any other information on it?

    Here's the likely setup you'll want.

    eRC .15 electric motor - .15 Size Brushless Outrunner, 1300Kv from Hobby Lobby
    eRC 35A ESC - eRC 35A Brushless Programmable ESC w/BEC from Hobby Lobby
    3S battery - 4000mAh 3S 11.1V 30C LiPo Battery w/ Deans from Hobby Lobby
    10x7 prop - 10x7 APC Slowflyer Prop from Hobby Lobby

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    returning modeler ,plane info

    GREAT LAKES ''TRAINER'' FLYLINE MODELS,Inc. For 4 channel radio control. For .15 to.25 engines. 40" wingspan

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    Cool, my setup will work just fine then. You elect to got with the larger eRC 25 size motor if you want gobs of power. You may need to choose a different size battery depending on the dimensions of the compartment where the battery will go.

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