I was recently given a used eRC Micro Stik. It needed some minor repairs which I made andhad fun with it until the battery cable pulled away from the circuit board, Ihad nothing to loose so a friend and I attempted to repair it which wefailed. My friend attempted to drill twoholes in the circuit board to make re-soldering easier but he made somemistakes and now the circuit board is no good, he also lost the battery cableand plug.
Anyway, I hate for the plane and itís parts to go to waste,and Iím uncertain if I want to invest in $27 for a new circuit board. Therefore I would like to sell it all (howís $20sound?) or may even give it away.

Repairs I conducted to this plane areÖ
Re-attached main wing to carbon fiber support rods usingmasking tape
The main wing carbon fiber rods are broken where it attachesto the main body carbon fiber rod, but I used hot glue to re-attach it and itworked great.
Previous owner broke motor mount so I constructed a new onewith carbon fiber rod, zip ties, and hot glue and it worked great.
I have the original box and some extra parts that came withit, they look a little abused but I think could function with some minor TLC.

I live in Kentuckyso you can stop by and pick it up or if you pay for shipment you can haveit. But would it be worth the cost toship it?

I just applied to this forum thinking this will be the bestplace to find it a home. This is myfirst post. I hate scammers. In an attempt to prove Iím not one, Iíll be happy to answer any of your questionsand provide pictures.