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Thread: Eurofighter DX7 Programming Problems

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    Eurofighter DX7 Programming Problems

    Hello Hobby Lobby Forum,

    Happy New Year to all. I have completed a new eRC Eurofighter from Hobby Lobby and have come to grief on the programming for the DX7. I have followed all the steps in the colour instructions from Hobby Lobby exactly, triple-checked every connection, every programming step, and still the canards do not work correctly. Following the exact instructions, I have the canards working opposite for the ailerons and also opposite for elevator? If I swap the canards AUX1 and AUX2 on the receiver, I then get correct function for elevator, but the aileron function for the canards is still 'opposite' to what they should be? Once again, I have followed the manual exactly, except for the 'swap' on AUX1 and AUX2, which I read about on a thread somewhere. I also discovered that I have no throttle at all (the motor doesn't even initiate with 'beeps') and the front LED doesn't work? Tried every available twin-pin on the small LED lighting panel, but that front LED does not work (all others work OK). I also have a Futaba 9CHP radio with a Spektrum module, so I'm thinking of dumping the DX7 and trying to figure out the programming for the Futaba radio with a 9ch receiver. Why is this so damn complicated? Should be 'easy' with the instructions, right? Wrong ... at least the servo-less retracts work fine! VERY frustrated and disappointed.

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    It's actually pretty easy. You have 4 programmable mixes to make the canards work.

    1. elevator to right canard
    2. elevator to left canard
    3. aileron to right canard
    4. aileron to left canard

    Go through each mix one at a time and get it working correctly for the function you are mixing it to. For instance, mix 1 you should only be looking at the right side canard and only moving the elevator stick on the radio to test. If it moves backwards, then you reverse the numbers in the mix. so if they were +100, then make them -100. Do that for each mix one at a time only looking at the function you can control in each mix. Then you'll have it.

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