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Thread: Questions regarding Super Cub battery...

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    Questions regarding Super Cub battery...

    I have a Super Cub about 4 years old. The batteries show 5.5 Volts after charging them.
    The Charger is outputting 16 volts to the Volt meter I have.
    The rudders move but the motor does not.
    The old motor and the new motor work fine on a D battery.
    Are my batteries history?
    Why is the charger output 16 volts

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    Does that use a 3 cell Lipo battery? I can't remember if the old ones did or not. If it is, then anything below 9V means its a dead battery. The speed controller has a safety cutoff to prevent the motor from draining the battery too low, so if the voltage is below the cutoff point (likely 9.5V) then it will not run allow the motor to run. The charger voltage will vary with load, but it sounds like you'll just need a new battery for now.

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