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Thread: help whats the problem plse!!!

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    help whats the problem plse!!!

    Hi, Deon here all the way from South Africa. I recently bought a Radian (not the pro version) came complete but without the ESC, receiver etc. Guys at the hobby shop installed everything and it was with great anticipation that I took it home to assemble it and try it out as it was a perfect day. Everything was new except the ESC as they had none but assured me that although the one they installed was second hand there was nothing wrong with it. Took it flying but noticed that there where a slight jerkyness from time to time. Had a great time and actually kept it in the air for more than an hour during its first flight was great fun. On the second occasion I again noticed a slight shudder so to speak when launching it but did not think much of it. But at about 300 meters it just came down as if somebody shot it.....and I really mean it just came down at a 90 degree angle, hit the ground at one hell of a speed and actually replaced the fuselage. What confuses me when I took it out again after about 15 minutes the exsact something happened!!! Could this possibly a faulty ESC? I have no problem buying a new one but would like to know if this could possibly be the reason for this happening. But if I mean it comes down straight down I mean just that. I am a farely new comer to the RC world but do have a modified Super Cub with a brushless motor and airelons and never had any problems flying that and use the same batteries in the Radian.

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    You have no control when this happens? If so then it could be a couple of things. Sounds like you are loosing the connection between your radio and the receiver. Most likely the cause is the BEC unit in the speed controller failing under load. The ESC would be the first thing to replace and try again.

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