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Thread: Questions regarding getting back into R/C planes.

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    Questions regarding getting back into R/C planes.

    I'd like to get back into casual RC planes. About 11 years ago I bought a Wingo plane and this super powerful sail plane. I built the sailplane 1st and it flew off into oblivion. (I had on of the servos reversed on the controller)

    So here is what I have.

    A hitec Focus 3 ss AM controller.
    2 hitec HS-81 servos
    1 hitec HAS-3MB reciever
    and something called a JETI JES 110 (it looks like it goes between the motor and engine)

    I also have the CG-320 Chargeomatic II It's settings are on 7.2 volts.
    I'm guessing the battery pack i have is 7.2. it has 7 little can's connected together.

    So can I use my esiting equipment with any of your easy to fly planes?

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    You could, but I wouldn't. Those items are outdated and the prices have come way down as the technology has improved greatly. You'll want to use Lipo batteries and brushless motors. Lots more power and lots more run time = lots more fun time!

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