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Thread: Questions regarding product number TP13502SPL25.

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    Questions regarding product number TP13502SPL25.

    I am going to use a battery to run 3 servo motors, a couple of sensors and a micro controller. I need it to be as small as possible. I looked at your website and ended up with 1350mAh 2S 7.4V Lipo Battery (Part Number:TP13502SPL25)
    First of all: Do you think it would be appropriate for my use?
    2. I am assuming they are chargeable. is that correct? can you lead me to the correct charger?
    3. does it come with a protection IC (PCB) to prevent battery overcharge and over discharge?

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    Yes that battery can operate servos just fine so long as the servo input voltage can handle a range of 6-8.4 volts.

    This charger will balance charge that battery LiPoly Charger for 1-4 Cells from Hobby Lobby

    There is no protection circuit in the battery, almost no hobby battery does. The protection is in the chargers and speed controllers for the motor. You will need to monitor the battery voltage to prevent it from dropping below 6V.

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