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Thread: Charger that comes with the Champ.

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    Angry Charger that comes with the Champ.

    I just bought the Hobby Zone Champ and love it. My problem is that the battery charger that comes with the Champ is supposed to be a DC Quick Charger???

    It takes a long time to charge the little 160mAh or the original 150mAh batteries. The red light never seems to go out. Could there be a problem with the charger?? Can I use a regular LiPo charger?

    Love the plane, hate the charger.


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    If the battery is fully discharged. I can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or so to recharge it. A 1 hr charge rate is standard with today's technology. At least batteries for the champ are really inexpensive so you can stock up and fly all you want.

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