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Thread: Professional Build by Hobby Lobby

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    Professional Build by Hobby Lobby

    Hobby Lobby's Neal Davis and Jason Cole have been building and flying all kinds of radio controlled aircraft for ages. The last couple of years has seen surge of interest in multirotor copters both for hobby and professional use. Media companies are looking to use multi rotor helicopters to carry large high quality video cameras for production work. You can get some really fantastic shots that you cannot get any other way and at much less expense then renting a full size helicopter.

    Jason and Neal have started a service at Hobby Lobby building custom helicopters for clients to order. Using the highest quality parts from Cinestar, Freefly, Droidworks, eRC, and practical knowledge that Jason and Neal bring to the table, no other company is better suited to offer this kind of service. With Fast turn around times and the ability to customize the copter to the clients needs, the orders are flying in. Here just a few photos we've taken from our first few builds.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC00791.jpg   DSC00792.jpg   DSC00793.jpg  

    DSC00794.jpg   DSC00795.jpg   DSC00796.jpg  

    DSC00797.jpg   _MG_8155_HDR.jpg   IMG_3003.jpg  

    IMG_3004.jpg   IMG_3007.jpg   DSC00800.jpg  

    DSC00801.jpg   DSC00920.jpg  

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