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Thread: Eurofighter setup on a DX8

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    Eurofighter setup on a DX8

    Any one have any set up tips using a DX8? I know the instructions show a DX7, but they seem to be totally different. Just looking for any suggestions. Thanks!

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    Just follow the logic that is used on the DX7 setup. You need 4 programmable mixes. One for each up/down thrust vector servo for elevator and aileron. Do one mix at a time getting one nozzle to work with the elevator properly, then move to the next nozzle. Then get one nozzle working with the Ailerons properly and then move to the next mix.

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    Ok, I'll try that and see. Thanks for the help, Jason! Glad that i finally got me one! Can't wait to fly it! Any pointers?

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    It's pretty straightforward to fly. The delta wing shape is super forgiving and slows down great without stalling. Pretend it's a real plane and land it like they do, nose slightly up and carry it with power. It flat spins like crazy at full throttle and full rudder. You're going to have a blast!

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