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Thread: Fly in

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    Fly in

    Jason, are you coming to the flyin at the Memphis Prop Busters next Saturday the 20th? If you do then be sure to bring your Samurai and we will fly them together. Hope to see you there, Tim

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    Hi Tim,
    Wish I could, but I'll be headed in the other direction to NC this weekend.

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    Flyin and new Voodoo Pylon Racer

    Jason, you missed a good time at the Propbusters Flyin and the 10 plane combat session,it was amazing. This was done twice and only two planes hit each other, but a lot of ribbons were cut! The 12 foot electric Senior Telemaster won the 30 second climb and glide contest! That was funny....When HL put the Voodoo Pylon Racer on sale, I jumped on it and got it yesterday. There were no instructions in the box at all, but all I need to know is the position of the CG. I am looking forward to flying this 120 MPH DEMON. Later, Tim

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    Hey Tim,
    Good deal. Can you post some photos from the event? Love that the Tele won the contest. I put ours up in the LMR contest at SEFF a year ago. 2 minute run time and 10 minute flight with a spot landing. I was short about 2 minutes on the time. Crazy that you can thermal a Telemaster!

    On the Voodoo, the instructions are on the support tab on the Voodoo or Dago Red page. I don't remember the CG number, but it should be listed in the manual.

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