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Thread: Electric Motor & ESC for Telemaster Deluxe 40

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    Electric Motor & ESC for Telemaster Deluxe 40

    I just purchased a Telemaster Deluxe 40 kit ( TEL1400).
    Am in the process of deciding on glow or electric for power.
    Glow would be an O.S. .46 AX

    Question: I need a recommendation for an electric motor, an ESC, and a battery. ( I will be using a Spectrum Rx and TX if that matters.)

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    Here's the recommended setup from our website.

    1 - ERCBL46 eRC .46 Brushless Motor
    1 - APC15080E 15x8E Thin Electric Prop

    Motor Controller
    1 - ERCE085P eRC 85A Opto Brushless ESC
    1 - ERCE02 eRC Electronic Programmer
    1 - ERCBEC6 eRC 6A BEC

    1 - YTB45004 4S 4500mAh Lipo

    1 - SRC6200 B6 Ultimate 200 Watt Balance Charger
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    I should have been clearer.


    What I really meant to ask is that since the recommended motor is backordered, what in stock motor and ESC, etc., is recommended.

    Thank you.

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    Ah, You can use the eflite Power 46.

    Motor Power 46 Brushless Outrunner Motor, 670Kv from Hobby Lobby

    ESC Great deal on this Jeti SPIN 66A ESC. SPIN 66 Amp Opto Brushless Speed Control from Hobby Lobby

    You would need a BEC to power the radio gear eRC 6 Amp BEC from Hobby Lobby

    Hope that helps.

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