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Thread: Telemaster 40 V2 kit materials.

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    Telemaster 40 V2 kit materials.

    Someone I know has just finished this kit and brought it to the field yesterday. I flew it and want my own.

    The fellow who built the plane mentioned that some materials were not included. I also see the following in one of the two reviews of the kit. "Although wing and fuse called for planking, none was included in kit. Also there was no 1/4 X 3/8 stock called for or 3/16 X 1/4 side stringers. Stab trailing edge stock not supplied. Trailing edge aileron stock (2 in. pieces) not provided. No assembly instructions for electric motor mount." I believe the builder also said the control rods are not even included. Is this normal? I don't see mention of any of this in the description of the kit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rodsmith123 View Post

    One of the reviews you refer to is probably mine. I would highly recommend the Laser cut Senior Telemaster over the 40 size. It is a better flying model and field assembly and transportation is easier because the wing breaks down.

    The price is a lttle more, but the power system is only marginally larger. The drop box/hatch is a nice added feature as well.

    Link to Senior Telemaster thread:

    Thanks for the suggestion Rod, but the 40 size is just about what I want right now and this version is lighter than the Deluxe version so I would like to go with it. But I still would like to know from the folks who sell it if it is normal for these materials to be missing from the kit. It isn't sold as a short kit. There is no mention of needing additional materials on the H-L page for the kit. So, what is up Hobby Lobby?

    Also, since you don't include decals (something that almost all much less expensive kits do), or even offer them as an additional cost option, has there been any progress on at least making digital image files available so that a builder can have his own made up? I would think that you would want your name on the planes just for the sake of the advertising!

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    We did have some materials missing from several of the Telemaster 40 kits. Anyone who alerted us to the missing parts had them sent to them immediately and without question. This is not as good as having them included from the beginning, but if we know about a problem we will make every effort to correct it.

    We have made changes to the production process that we anticipate will reduce the possibilities of missing parts.

    I will have the cut files for the graphics on the webpages for the various Telemaster kits as soon as I can. In the meantime, I can email anyone who needs the file, just contact me at
    The reason that we did not include the graphics with the kit is that decals do not work well on open structure airframes at all and the cut vinyl ones are pretty expensive. It's a little funny, the biggest complaint that we used to get with the old 8' Sr Telemaster ARF was from those that did not want the Telemaster graphic that was on the wing.

    If I can help with anything, just let me know.

    Mike H

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