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Thread: Questions regarding Yellow Senior Telemaster ARF.

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    Questions regarding Yellow Senior Telemaster ARF.

    Is Product# HLA008 replacing Product# HLA007RW? I am looking for a large size ARF trainer & had one of your catalogs from a couple years ago and was interested in your yellow Senior Telemaster ARF. Will you offer the HLA008 in the future along with the other model? Also, do the instructions with either of these planes include a how-to on changing it from a tail dragger to a tri-wheel and also instructions on changing the way the wing is attached to the fuselage from the use of rubber bands to using wing bolts?

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    HLA008 is the latest ARF with lots of improved features over the older ARFs. The wings are bolt on and only really built for a tricycle gear. You would have modify it to make it a nose dragger.

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