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Thread: New Moray RxR Sport Plane

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    New Moray RxR Sport Plane

    Can anyone tell me how the new MORAY flies at lower speeds say 1/3 to 1/2 throttle! I'm about to get one need another fun, easy, quick to assemble NO GLUE needed plane. Tired of warbirds and this one might fill my needs. Just knowing it takes a 4 cell 14.8v lipo I know it has to have some weight to it for the size. But then it could handle some wind easier! Any thoughts or comments appreciated. Nice demo Jason!! Thanks. P.S. are any SALES coming for COLUMBUS DAY??

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    Hey there,
    It cruises along nicely at reduced power. Under a quarter throttle not so much. The wing loading isn't crazy, but it's no floater, it probably lands at about 30-40mph. The curved wing tips helps it resist stalls so it's not bad at all. At half to full throttle it tracks like an arrow. Very predictable and fun.

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