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Thread: 12 FT Telemaster at Magic Valley Airforce

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    12 FT Telemaster at Magic Valley Airforce

    I’m sitting in the airport at Memphis waiting for a flight to JFK reflecting on the flying at Magic Valley Air Force in Henderson, Tn. last week end. Thanks to the hospitality of Max Hurst and the rest of the club members I had a great time. It was my first time to fly off of a paved runway. It is different, makes you wish you had brakes on you airplane. They had 22 registered pilots and a large group of spectators.
    The crowd was very interested in the 12 ft Telemaster, a lot of “where do I get in” and “do you take your dog up in that thing?” comments. The other comment was “ wow this things electric powered”. There were also a lot of questions about Hobby Lobby; I gave out a bunch of Hobby Lobby catalogs. There was also a large group of children so the candy drops, all 4 or 5 of them were a hit.
    The weather was not the best for the Telemaster a direct cross wind between 10 and 18 MPH, this added to the fun of the paved runway. On my last flight the airplane weather vaned big time on takeoff to the point where I had to abort the take off but I never felt that I had lost control over the plane.
    Most of the candy drops were carrying the usual assortment bags of candy but the last one they filled her up with Tootsie Rolls, they are heavy and dense. I don’t know what they weighed but I could not tell on takeoff. The plane was heavy and I worried about the C/G but no problem for the big Telemaster. I did feel a lot better though after I dropped that load.
    I have been flying the 12 ft Telemaster now for most of this flying season and I must say it is one of the best airplanes I have ever flown and I have flown a lot of different planes since I started flying RC in the early 70’s. This is one of those airplanes you hear pilots refer to as an honest airplane. It has no bad tendencies or surprises, it does what you ask it to. It is not aerobatic but it was never designed to be. It will carry a large payload, it has a very wide C/G range and as demonstrated this past weekend. It will handle cross winds very well. One thing that did surprise me though was how fast this airplane will pick up speed when pointed downhill. I usually go out and do a Hammer Head while I wait for the children to pick up candy off of the runway. The first time I did this I thought that with the large frontal area it keep the airplane slowed down in a dive but the 27 pound weight and gravity took over and proved that idea to be wrong. This is a large airplane and you must respect that aspect when flying it. I will say this is the only time that you will notice the weight of the plane because the rest of the time it flies like a big trainer.
    I had a Sr Telemaster kit for 5 years and just didn’t have the gumption to build it until one day someone at my field showed up with one and asked if I would like to fly it. I reluctantly said OK and in about 30 seconds I knew I was going home and starting the build of my own Sr Telemaster. These are a great and sometimes very under rated airplane.
    I am considering getting a buddy box to let other people try their hand at flying the 12 FT Telelmaster and I think that once someone flies this airplane they will be getting out their check book so they too can have some variant of the Telemaster.
    Al Larson
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