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Thread: What servos and engine can I put in the Deluxe Telemaster Kit?

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    What servos and engine can I put in the Deluxe Telemaster Kit?

    Hello, I am looking at the deluxe telecaster kit and am trying to get an idea of the servos and engine that I can put in it. I want to go into with this one and I thought possibly the OS .46 engine would be a good fit. Your thoughts? Also I would like to know the servos that I need to run the operation. This is my second plane but the first building experience. I can't wait to get going on this, it looks like so much fun to fly. If you wouldn't mind giving me a quick list of servos, your opinion on engine, and the accessories to put it together. I have enough money for the plane and servos and engine and would like to place that in one order. I appreciate your help.

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    Hey there,
    That engine will fly it great. Anything in the .40 to .50 size range will be perfect. It uses standard size servos and they don't have to be anything special. Just regular strength servos will do the job. Give Neal a call at 615-732-7216 and he'll set you up with all the parts you need.

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