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Thread: Hello Forum, Looking to assemble/build 550mm to 650mm Quadcopter

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    Hello Forum, Looking to assemble/build 550mm to 650mm Quadcopter

    I am very new to the R/C world. In fact the only exposure I have had has been window shopping at HobbyKing, and I pick up a little SYMA S-107G as a cheap trainer. My fascination is with photography and FPV. I have spent the last couple weekends looking around the web for a good starter quadcopter for about $400. I have seen the AR Drone 2.0, but I want much more range, than wifi can provide.

    I was looking at the Bumblebee at HK, I tried to put together a shopping list, I chose Turnigy 30A plush esc's, The HK KK2 Flight controller, A Turnigy 3s 3000 maH Lipo, Turnigy Charger, Turigy program card for the BEC/esc's. and finished with the Turnigy 9x TX with RX (Mode 2). I then started looking for a forum, to maybe give me some advice, before I spent any money.

    I would appreciate any suggestions. Online sources, what I really do need to get a good basic Kit, as all the supplies. I learned to build computers much the same way.

    I don't know of any RC clubs or shops here in Tracy, CA. Thank you for your time, and look forward to any and all replies.

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    Hey There,
    Sounds like you are off to a good start. I remember reading for hours on end when I was getting started. If you want a really stable platform and GPS then there is no better controller than the DJI Naza with GPS. It makes it so easy to fly and is super stable for aerial photography and video.

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    Jason, Thank you for the reply. Maybe you are right. I shouldn't waste the money on a cheaper FC just to get it up and running. My thoughts were to get a basic copter and upgrade from there. I have read about the naza board, and it is what I would like to upgrade to.

    I work for a fireworks display company, and that is the immediate application that I have in mind, is a stable video/photography platform, that will have enough field of view to capture the entire show. I would really like to see a show from an elevated perspective.

    another concern is the transmitter. In your opinion, am I making the same mistake with the Turnigy 9x TX. I have the LCD green backlight on the wish list. I have read that you can swap out the TX module as an upgrade. Would I be better off spending the money on a "better" 9 channel or greater radio?

    Meanwhile, I am having a blast with the little IR Syma S-107G. I can't believe how forgiving this little heli is! Tough little bird!

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    I haven't used or seen the Turnigy 9, but people seem to like it. Most people prefer to use Spektrum radios and the DX6i can do just about anything you need it to do for a copter setup.

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