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Thread: Push rods in Samurai

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    Push rods in Samurai

    Jason, I am at the point of installing the push rods in my Samurai and I was going to glue the push rod covering at the exit point on the rear fuselage and at the rear of the servo tray and CA glue will not stick to the push rod covering!! You could have knocked me down with a feather.....I have seen very things in a kit that CA would not work on. What kind of glue did you use on the push rods at the points I am trying to glue. The push rods and mounting the prop is all I lack being through. Can't wait to get this thing in the air.... Thanks, Tim

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    Hey Tim,
    First I didn't use any glue at those areas. All I did was cut out some foam like they show in the manual and used a couple of pieces to lock in the rods at various points inside the boom. You would have to use sand paper to rough up the plastic pushrod tube to get some CA to adhere to it. Hope that helps. You are going to love this plane! I'll be flying mine this weekend at eWeek in SC. Can't wait to get down there.
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    Jason, thanks for the info, I didn't think about using sandpaper on the pushrods, I will try that. What I was trying to do was use a small piece of balsa glued to the servo tray to hold down the rudder pushrod, it was rubbing the flap servo arm. I used a z bend and put the rudder pushrod on the bottom of the servo arm but that did not lower it enough to clear the flap pushrod. I put a slight bend in the rudder pushrod and was going to glue it to the small piece if balsa glued to the servo tray when I saw that CA was not going to stick to it. I believe this will work so I will have some clearance between the flap and rudder pushrods. I am going to finish up the Samurai this morning and will fly it this afternoon or tomorrow, depending on honeydos.......Thanks again for your help, it is rare these days to find this kind of support and caring, keep it up.....Tim

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    Nice, let us know how the maiden goes!

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    Maiden flight on my Samurai

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Cole View Post
    Nice, let us know how the maiden goes!
    Jason, when you said , you are going to love this plane....boy was that an understatement this thing is awesome, you were right, I do love this plane. Right out of my hand, a couple clicks of trim I it was off to the race. I even did the big loop like I talked to you on the phone about. I had an HS55 servo on the flap and it would only give me about half down flap but on the first landing it came by me at head high and glided a 100 feet before it touched down. I don't think I even need full down flap, it is working great now. I set the brake for the second flight and on power off at altitude it really hangs in the sky. I did the test flight at 6:45 Friday evening and Sat morning I went to Mid Miss RC club's fly in in Jackson, Ms. The Samurai was a big hit in Jackson. Thanks for you help with this plane both email and on the phone, this should be a good seller for Hobby Lobby. If anybody is trying to decide on buying a Samurai tell them to email me and I will tell how great it flys. Thanks, Tim

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    Hey Tim,
    Glad you like it. I got to put many flights on mine last week at the eWeek Fun Fly. If you don't mind, could you go to the Samurai webpage and write up a quick review for it. That way our customers thinking about it can see your thoughts. I'd appreciate it.

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